Transforming Educational Spaces: A Fusion of Innovation and Collaboration

A fundamental shift has occurred in education, reshaping how both students and educators perceive learning and the environments that facilitate it.

The modern approach to teaching emphasizes interactivity, creativity, and active engagement. Simultaneously, there is a heightened demand for learning spaces that are not only innovative but also safe and conducive to effective learning.

In this transformative landscape, the role of surfaces within educational spaces becomes pivotal. The delicate balance between functionality and performance is achieved through surfaces that are durable, versatile, and easy to maintain in terms of cleanliness and hygiene.

Polyvision’s CeramicSteel

Polyvision's CeramicSteel surfaces represent a revolution in how we conceive educational spaces. The focus is on creating environments that encourage creativity, collaboration, and dynamic learning experiences.

Our surfaces, including wall systems, whiteboards, and mobile, multipurpose dividers, are designed to be hygienic and resistant to bacteria.

This ensures educational institutions to provide safe environments while fostering collaborative engagement among students and educators.

Warum sollte man sich für CeramicSteel entscheiden?

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Fostering Collaboration and Creativity

Polyvision's CeramicSteel surfaces support an interactive and visually stimulating learning atmosphere. It bridges the gap between analog and digital learning, creating a seamless connection that enhances the educational experience. These game-changing surfaces facilitate improved visual communication and serve as a canvas for creativity to flourish.

Versatility in Design for Varied Educational Spaces

The versatility of our surfaces is a key feature. From magnetic boards to writable surfaces and vibrant display walls, the options are customizable in sizes, shapes, and colors. This adaptability allows these surfaces to seamlessly integrate into diverse educational settings, including classrooms, libraries, study areas, and standard rooms.

Durability Redefined

Our porcelain enameled surfaces boast a resilient porcelain coating on an ultra-thin sheet of steel. This combination ensures strength that can withstand the rigors of daily use. The surfaces are durable and designed to eliminate ghosting, providing a clean and pristine canvas for continuous learning.

Tailored Solutions for Every Vision

One of our standout features is our adaptability to individual preferences and styles. The customizable nature of these surfaces makes our solution a perfect fit for any educational space, allowing institutions to reflect their unique vision in the design and layout of classrooms and collaborative areas.

Marken, die enorm von einer Partnerschaft mit PolyVision profitieren

Produktvorteile für das Bildungswesen


Oberflächen aus CeramicSteel bieten Ihnen eine lebenslange Garantie, sodass Sie für immer Freude an Ihrem Markerboard oder Schoolboard haben werden. Wir bieten für unsere anderen Oberflächen wie Tackboards, akustische Oberflächen und Oberflächen aus Glas ebenfalls großzügige Garantien.

Sicherheit geht vor

Bei uns steht bei der Entwicklung von Produkten für das Bildungswesen die Sicherheit an erster Stelle. Alle Produkte aus CeramicSteel sind im Hinblick auf die Qualität der Innenraumluft zertifiziert und enthalten keinerlei flüchtige organische Verbindungen. Sie sind einfach zu reinigen, porenfrei und natürlich bakterienresistent.

Empfohlene Anwendungen

Zusammenarbeit im Klassenraum

• Whiteboards

• Wandtafeln

• Kombination aus Schreiboberflächen und Tackboards

• Mobile Whiteboards


• Mobile Whiteboards

• Akustische Raumteiler

• Abschirmung aus Glas für Tischplatten in der Schule

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